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Hi, I need to process Japanese characters in JIS coding for the description/memo fields. Seems not to be possible, already after selecting the csv file these fields are shown "scrambled".
Hope this can be fixed.


Please create a new issue here and upload your CSV so I can have a look http://www.csvconverter.biz/project/issues


It's tricky to make the converter understand some encoded text, can you try to convert your CSV file from Japanse to UTF-8? I saw this online tool, let me know if it works http://www.motobit.com/util/charset-codepage-conversion.asp

Ian Ennis

Hi, Sorry to take your time. I am having trouble - I have attended to several parse errors but two keep re-occurring and I cannot figure it out. Many thanks, Ian.

Invalid number of items on row 6: 23-Jul-14 Cnc "6 577.89"
Invalid number of items on row 11: IF Cans "1 000.00"


It must be some inconsistency between the number of columns in the header and items. If you create a new issue under Bugs & Issues and attach the CSV file I can take a look. Also see this video http://www.csvconverter.biz/blog/how-fix-csv-file-not-being-converted


I have a similar problem with some numbers being represented as "1 000" and what i did is to copy the excel sheet to a new excel sheet and paste only the values. Then convert the new sheet to csv.
Another issue I have is that the converter never recognizes the last line. Why do you think that is?
By the way, my bank downloads an excel sheet which i have to convert to csv, but there is no real help on how to do that so that you may avoid format errors in your csv.


The approach of the video using Excel to standardize the CSV to have all fields enclosed by quotes and separated by semi-colon. Then it won't split on commas.
Regarding the last line missing, please open a new issue http://www.csvconverter.biz/project/issues

Grace Bitar

Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. Tried several times but only a portion of the information gets transferred. I'll keep reading the blogs and help topics to see where I'm missing before give up completely.


See this tutorial and video http://www.csvconverter.biz/blog/how-fix-csv-file-not-being-converted
The approach of the video using Excel to standardize the CSV to have all fields enclosed by quotes and separated by semi-colon.

thayná fernandes

eu não sei para onde estão indo meus arquivos convertidos, não vão para o download e nem para meu email, preciso de ajuda.


Verifique se o email esta correto http://www.csvconverter.biz/user
Tambem verifique se nao esta caindo na caixa de spam.

Marc Valley

I am trying to convert a CSV to A qif. It is only 38KB in size, but will only parse 20 records. Any suggestions?


It will parse the first 20 records on the mapping screen, so you can have a preview. When you go to the next steps, it will convert the full file.


dear Admin, I am trying to produce QIF file to import in Microsoft money.he Amounts formats are well respected and OK from the Bank in CSV. Unfortunately , the figures when transferred seem to be wrong as multiplied by 100, or another words the coma separator is moved to the right with two characters considered. do we know why and can it be stabilise?


This has now been fixed. Make sure you select your country on the second step and the currencies will work accordingly


The tool is really useful - thanks.

The account name in my CSV file (mapped to Account/Splitter) seems to be used in the file name of the output file (OFX or QIF), but it doesn't seem to be included within the content of the file itself. When I import the OFX/QIF file into Microsoft Money, I have to manually select which account it is, as Money doesn't know which account is intended.
Is there any way to allow Money to recognise which account should be used?
I had expected that the account name would be included in the output OFX/QIF file, and that Money would therefore be able to match it to the account within Money. I don't know how Money recognises accounts, or whether this is possible.
Thanks - Calum


The account field is used to split the CSV into multiple QIF/OFX files. For QIF its impossible for Ms Money to detect the account. For OFX it would be possible but this is not supported yet, this is something that could work http://csvconverter.biz/project/issues/16756


How should i handle the paypal fees for GNUcash?

Having downloaded the csv i cut out things that Gnucash doesnt deal with. As you may be aware. I sorted the deposit/withdrawal but gnu doesnt have a fees column to work with, they should go into banking fees or whatever expenses account deemed fit.

How should i handle this with your converter?

Sue Dickman

I haven't been able to download my files for about 2 months. It had all been working fine, and now I go through the usual steps, ask to have it sent to my email . . . and then I never receive the file. I haven't been doing anything differently, but the file doesn't seem to go anywhere. Can you help?


The conversion appears to have worked fine and when I open the file in a text editor it looks fine, however all entrees have todays date and not the bank transaction date in quicken after import. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Make sure you selected the correct date format from the dropdown on when mapping the fields. If you still have problems, you can open an issue http://csvconverter.biz/project/issues and upload a bit of your CSV file, so we can debug it

Petro Coetzee

This is the best free app ever! Thank you SO MUCH!!! Just a quick question, I am sure I am being blonde here. When I convert CSV to QIF and upload it to Manager it adds 2 x extra zero's after each amount. aka my account looks like millions instead of thousands. What am I doing wrong please.


Make sure you are selecting the correct Country code, this will affect the decimal separatirs

Adam Wildavsky

Your tool is marvelous - thanks for making it available! I had no trouble creating an OFX file for some stock sales. When I try to import into Quicken 2018 for Mac, though, I get the following message:

  Unable to read the selected Web Connect file. Please contact your financial institution.

My CSV has only four columns: Date, Security, Shares Sold, Amount. I created it myself - it is not from a financial institution.

Is there any hope for me? I know that Quicken expects banks and brokerages to pay them for the privilege of being able to generate QFX files. I had hoped that I could create my own OFX, but I know that might not be possible. If it's not I'll have to look into migrating to some other accounting package.


Hi Adam

If you send me a sample CSV file I can try to debug it contact@csvconverter.biz

Leanne Neish

Hi there, i need troubleshooting. this website has been amazing to convert files, now i cant seem to convert the exact same files. Error as following:

  • The specified file temporary://all_months.csv could not be moved, because the destination is invalid. More information is available in the system log.
  • Error moving file

Any suggestions would be much appreciated :)



Hello Friend. First of all, thank you for the initiative. It's the best OFX converter I know. But I have one small problem: after leaving the legacy version, I noticed that the current version does not convert all my CSV lines, that is, there are missing releases. In the legacy version there was this problem. Would you know the source of this problem?


Hi, thanks for using the tool.

Can you please open an issue on https://csvconverter.biz/project/issues

and upload your CSV file and we can debug it

Paul Lastname

None of the drop downs make any sense. I am trying to import to QIF a customer list with names, address, phones, emails etc. NONE of those types exist here.

Also keep getting error: It was not possible to detect the date format of the CSV  but my CVS has NO dates in it any where?

Can anyone suggest a better place to convert my CSV to QIF so I can proceed with GnuCash setup? 

Not even sure this forum is active since the last post is 3 years old?


The purpose of this tool is to convert transactions to be imported by accounting softwares i.e. Ms Money. For a transaction to be valid, it is required at least a Date and an amount.


I am receiving this error message. I have used this site for some time to convert CSVs from the same source but I am just now receiving this error message.


  • The specified file temporary://export_5.csv could not be moved, because the destination is invalid. More information is available in the system log.
  • Error moving file
Brian Gomez


I am receiving the message in Quicken for Mac "Unable to read the selected Web connected file. I think I configured it correctly though I did not map it (not sure how to do that). I converted from an CSV file. Any help would be wonderful.


Click on 'Bugs & Issues', create a new issue and attach your CSV to allow us to debug it

Mark Lindal

I don't know if this is possible but my Quicken Mac says it will only import CSV files from Mint.com export.  I'm wondering what the secret is and if the converter can take my Bank CSV file and convert it to this format so I can import into Quicken.


Quicken will import any QIF, as long as the mapping is correct

Eline Roveder

porque quando tento converter um arquivo, ele vai até a etapa 2 de 5, quando vou pra proxima etapa ele volta pro começo?


when I leave the mapping to debits-charges and credits-payments on these CC transactions, they come out in exactly the wrong places... charges are imported as payments, payments as charges. If I map it in reverse, ALL transactions are listed as payments. Is it because there are negative signs in front of all the charges?  I'm exporting the csv from Moneyspire trying to get it into quicken via QIF. thank you


I replied to similar comment on another thread.

On step 3 you need to tick the checkbox:  This is a Credit Card statement



Wei Jian

Hi there,

Thank you very much for providing this nice tool to conver csv to quicken. 

Not sure if this online tool had any updates recently. There is no option to choose the saved mapping. It used to show up my saved mapping so I could just click. I used it about 3 weeks ago and the saved mapping was showing up. I tried Chrome and microsoft edge. both the same issue. 

Thanks and regards


Yep, this has been reported here https://csvconverter.biz/project/issues/97040

We are working on it.