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We are experiencing some difficulties importing certain Date fields due to incompatibility of date formats. We expect to have a patch by today.

Check the list of open bugs here



It's working great now, thanks and keep up the good work.


I can't make this work with downloads from my bank without editing the format of the date manually. Could you maybe make it understand DD.MM.YYYY format?


I seem to have issues in the amount field. anything longer than three digits is truncated to one digit... have you seen this before.

Thanks for a very useful tool !
One problem I've found, it ignores the first item in my CSV file.
I am converting from CSV to QIF using a MacBook Air, my work around is to add headings to the first row, these get dropped. Evrything else works fine.


The "save as OFX" button not working for me. It redirects to a page full of errors. Are you aware of the error ? Any plan to solve it ?

Thanks in advance.

Right now the convert.php page is bring up error messages and will not convert my csv file. Please help if possible :(


I have also issue in my amount field. Please fix this field and help me as soon as possible. Social Media

Can you describe how you are doing the mapping?

I also have the same issue regarding the date..try to resolve through the given url but the bug remains the same..

If you send me few lines of your CSV I can debug it for you

I am trying to use the "type" for the credit/debit amount determination. It does not seem to recognize any variation I have used in that field...Any suggestions

I have NEVER seen such a ridiculous qif converter. First it converted all my values into 100x then I have to delete every transaction manually. Then I divided values by 100 and imported again only to find it has rounded off decimals. MAY I ASK YOU WHAT THE F* IS YOU TO DECIDE LEVEL OF ROUNDING OR CURRENCY CONVERSION? This type of tool is simply designed to convert one type of data to other and NOT MANIPULATE with actual data. ITS RUBBISH.

Hello, there is no manipulation or rounding involved.
All you need to pay attention is that the decimal separator of the QIF/OFX file must match the original decimal separator in the CSV file.

To achieve that, you need to open your CSV file and see if the separator is a . (point) or , (comma). Depending on the Country code you choose, the output will use one or the other.

For a full list of countries and decimal separators, please refer to

And one last thing: Why are you being so impolite using capitals and swearing where you are using a FREE service?


I performed a conversion from a csv file with dates, amounts, and payees. I selected the qif format as I'm importing the data into Quicken 2000.
I chose an account in which I set an opening balance of $0.00 as of 1/1/15. The first transaction was in 03/01/2015. I chose a custom date of YYYY/MM/DD as that was the format of the download from the institution.

After importing the data to Quicken, all transactions showed the same date... the date I performed the import. Any ideas?


Can you open an issue in Bugs & Issues, attach your CSV and explain how you map it. Looks like other people are having problem importing OFX into Quicken

Thank you for service, it's working great. But I have question about one thing. How can I convert Balance field in my CSV to QIF? I see, that balance option avaliable only for .OFX. So, is it possible bring balance values to .QIF?
And second question. I need pass to QIF LoanId field from my CSV(it's constant value for all loan transactions) and I can't figure out how to handle it. I tried map to Account/Splits field, but nothing appears in QIF. If there no options, maybe you could advice wich field better to use for LoanId and Balance(LoanId must be at QIF any way, Balance is optional).



Site upgrade

Dear users

This week we reached the highest peak of users browsing the site to convert CSV files. This pushed the servers a bit harder than usual and we had to upgrade it.


Legacy site is no longer available

Since the current website was launched a couple of years ago, we said that we would keep the legacy site running, but with no further development or bug fixes.

Bugs and issues

Known issues

We are experiencing some difficulties importing certain Date fields due to incompatibility of date formats. We expect to have a patch by today.