OFX conversion always assigns OTHER to TRNTYPE

Issue summary: 

When converting to OFX, TRNTYPE always has OTHER.  Is there a way to make it CREDIT or DEBIT?  I tried mapping TYPE to CREDIT but that does not change TRNTYPE being OTHER.

Randy Hays
Sat, 03/09/2024 - 03:46
Sat, 03/09/2024 - 03:46


Hi Randy, in theory yes, see list from this site https://financialdataexchange.org

CREDIT = Generic credit
DEBIT = Generic debit
INT = Interest earned or paid
DIV = Dividend
FEE = FI fee
SRVCHG = Service charge
DEP = Deposit
ATM = ATM debit or credit
POS = Point of sale debit or credit
XFER = Transfer
CHECK = Check
PAYMENT = Electronic payment
CASH = Cash withdrawal
DIRECTDEP = Direct deposit
DIRECTDEBIT = Merchant initiated debit
REPEATPMT = Repeating payment/standing order
HOLD = Only valid in <STMTTRNP>; indicates the amount is under a hold
OTHER = Other

Can you do me a favour and test this on your side:

  1. Manually edit the OFX in notepad or similar text editor
  2. Change the TRNTYPE to DEBIT and CREDIT for negative and posive amounts respectivelly
  3. Import into your financial software
  4. Share the outcome, did it work? what changed?
  5. What is the financial you use?