Previously reconciled transactions not recognized using OFX format

Issue summary: 

I've been using CSV Converter for over a year now for producing OFX files for my Discover Card statements.  I import the OFX files into my financial software (Moneydance).  Previously, when the files had transactions that had been earlier reconciled in my financial software, those transactions would not reappear to be reconciled.  Now, all imported transactions are appearing as unreconciled even when they are.  I assume the issue is with the OFX files CSV Converter is providing because I haven't updated my financial software.

Sat, 01/27/2024 - 17:57
Sat, 02/03/2024 - 13:43


Hi Craig

I am not aware of any modification that would cause this impact.

If you have a copy of previous OFX that worked as expected, you can try to convert the original CSV again and compare the generated OFX. If there is any difference, I can try to debug and investigate.



I did some further digging and have found the issue.  It's an odd one and may be peculiar to Moneydance.  I recently changed a setting in Moneydance to allow me to record a separate Tax Date for some transactions.  (I use this for the rare occasion when a transaction officially clears in an incoming account several days after it does in the outgoing account, e.g., electronic transfers that take a day or two, and the difference affects the tax period to which the transaction should be recorded.)  I tried turning off the ability to have a separate Tax Date and the problem I reported went away.  I'll contact the folks at Moneydance and let them know about it.  My apologies for attributing the issue to CSV Converter.  

Maybe you could edit the CSV on Excel before you import and add a new column for the transaction date, then you use this column during the conversion.