multiple zip files downloaded as a zip file

Issue summary: 

When the download arrives it is a zip file with multiple qif files each consisting of one line of the uploaded file.  I have previously got it to work with a different file and tried pasting into that file after deleting the old contents which did not work

Fri, 12/29/2023 - 16:08
Sat, 02/03/2024 - 13:45


Did you use the field type “account” in the mapping?

This field is used to map the account id when your CSV has statements from multiple bank accounts, therefore it creates a zip with one file for each account.

I probably should document this better

I thought I had responded to you comment above but it is not visible here.

I did not map to 'account'.

Were you able to replicate the issue with the file uploaded?

Hi, Brian, comments only appear after they are approved.

I checked the CSV and I can confirm that the header of the CSV says: Account. The account/splitter is used when you have one CSV with multiple bank accounts, therefore it splits into multiple files that are zipped.

I recommend you to map this column as Memo.



Please let me know if this issue can be marked as resolved.