My OFX comes out empty, even though the CSV has 124 lines

Issue summary: 

I'm putting in a CSV file with 124 transactions, also a line for starting balance and final balance. I'm transforming it to OFX with a very simple mapping, I've checked that the date format matches that of the CSV, and the data is being imported correctly, but after the convertion, the OFX only contains basic header data, and doesn't contain any of the 124 transactions in it. Also, the balance in the OFX comes out as 0 and the date as 1969-12-31, which would be the day previous to when date = 0, so I think the issue might be there. However, I simply do not understand what is going wrong. Would appreciate some help!


Edit: Seems to be a bug, if there is a sequence of characters that the converter recognizes as a date object inside of the "Description" camp, it apparently can't read either date and just breaks.

Financeiro Terraw
Wed, 11/09/2022 - 14:55
Thu, 11/10/2022 - 13:14


I found out what the issue was! My "payee/description" camps had dates inside of them, and for whatever reason the converter breaks when there are dates inside of the description camp. Just by changing the date into a format that the converter couldn't understand as a date, it started working fine.

I was going to comment the same. The dates in the description contains dots as separator, but the date column is separated by slashes.

The script that detects the date format fail and causes the issue,

i am glad you spotted this, will look into a solution because it may affect others, and not everyone has skill’s to understand or even report the issue.

thanjs for reporting