No transactions added on import to Quicken

Issue summary: 

I'm trying to convert a CSV file containing credit card transactions for a particular period, so they can be imported to Quicken for Mac (Quicken Version 6.5.3, Build 605.42687.100 / Late 2013 iMac, macOS 10.15.7). The resulting QIF file appears to successfully import to Quicken, but no transactions are actually added in Quicken. I've tried resaving the file as a CSV from excel, as well as from WordPad, and have tried various mapping options for date format etc, but the result is always the same. Can you help? 

Z Denning
Sun, 02/27/2022 - 22:40
Sun, 02/27/2022 - 22:40


I am writing this in hopes it will help someone else.  I had a similar issue today, but 6 out of about 70 transaction in my file loaded, and no error message what so ever about why the others were dropped.  Examination made me realize the date format was an issue, Quicken dropped all incoming transaction with an invalid date format.  (my QIF file had D/M/Y not M/D/Y) 6 of the transactions had acceptable dates.  Perhaps Quicken is tossing transactions due to some other validation criteria. (Categories?)

We have algorithms to detect the date format, but there are some cases where the same date can be valid as D-M-Y and M-D-Y.

We are working on a solution for that.

With regards to credit card transactions, please make sure you tick the box on step two, so the debit and credit values are assigned correctly.

I will review the CSV attached. Z Denning, can you please attach the generated QIF or OFX?