Empty OFX file

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I used to always use the legacy converter, but that whole site seems to be broken right now. So I finally made the switch to the new version and went through all of the steps, but the .OFX file that I try to download is completely blank. The preview of the .csv that I uploaded shows all of the columns correctly and looks good. Is something really broken or am I doing something wrong?



Adam Stenftenagel
Tue, 06/05/2018 - 03:00
Sun, 10/14/2018 - 00:10


Hi Adam

Can you please edit this issue and upload a CSV so I can debug? Thanks

I have update some scripts, can you please try again

Ok, I'm no longer getting an empty file, but the spacing for the output and some other tags are not the same as the old files and Quickbooks Online is rejecting the file saying: "Something’s not quite right. Sorry, this isn't the correct file type. Try .QFX, .QBO, or .OFX formats (sometimes called Web Connect)."

The mapping is correct based on the old system. Is there any way to get the legacy converter up and working again? It worked so well for so many years!!!!

I don't see where I can upload files here. Is there an email address?




Unfortunately the legacy site is no longer working because the new browsers block scripts that are now considered insecure to run on the browser.

There is no further development on the legacy site.

I am happy to try to address the issues on the current site, when possible.

You can send the csv to contact@csvconverter.biz

I've tried to import and there is nothing since this is the first time tring to do this what could I be doing wrong? It opens Money but nothing is imported nor does it show blanks like something should be there.