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i have set the column C D as type but when i convert this using Ireland format everything comes out as a positive value, its not taking into account the C ro D?


I have also tried with the type column with values Credit or Debit but it still does not affect the amount

Thu, 05/17/2018 - 13:48
Thu, 06/14/2018 - 17:28


From the csv attached, this is the heading

"Datum","Naam / Omschrijving","Rekening","Tegenrekening","Code","D C","Bedrag (EUR)","MutatieSoort","Mededelingen"

I would map as


Naam / Omschrijving -> Payee/Description

C D -> Type

Bedrag (EUR) -> Amount

I will check why the C/D is not working and update this issue

hi again, 

firstly thanks for fixing the upload issue, works a treat now, thanks so much.

as a work around for above, as dutch use Af and Bij instead of Credit and Debit, and i guess you cannot configure which words csvconverter should be looking for. this may be also helpful for others using different languages.

anyway using  notepad open the csv file you get from the bank, then using edit, replace in my case i search for "Af"," and replace with "Af","-

Af in dutch means minus and this column is to the left of the amount column, so this search and replace looks for any line that is a Af(minus) and strips out that part and the opening of the amount part and replaces it with a negative sign within the amount part. then with notepad just hit the x onthe top right hand corner and it automatically updates the csv file with your amends. then when importing in csvconverter you just need to map the amount as its now showing positive and negative numbers.

again this could be helpful for others


I have fixed the detection of C and D for Credit and Debit respectively. All you have to do is map the field as Type.


hi again,

again for my dutch files we use af and bij and credit and debit, and i guess in other languages they also use different names, is it possible that we can choose our own words to denote credit and debit, or can you also update your fields at least for dutch so that it also recognises af which is negative and bij and positive.

this would be very handy for the dutch market and you would get a lot of users of your program.



Unfortunately the software doesn't support multiple languages.

The workaround for this is you open the CSV in Excel and Find & Replace the strings

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