Still have this same issue.

Issue summary: 

I'm still having the issue of the ofx files showing as Invalid when I try to import them into Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2009 however, they work fine with Microsoft Money Plus.

I have some programming background and would be more then willing to help out here if I can. Feel free to "task" me. :)

I realize these are both old sunsetted products but, I still use both of them and they won't import any Quicken files and the banks quit supporting the native formats and imports. 

Jeff Willard
Sun, 05/06/2018 - 21:46
Sun, 10/14/2018 - 01:30


Unfortunately I don't have the two softwares you mentioned, and that makes it hard to debug.

If you want to help to debug this, you can edit an OFX file, and have only one transaction, to make it easier to test. Them, you can make edits to the file, or compare with other OFX files that do work with the softwares listed.

Once you know what needs to be changed, I can easlily code for it.

One of the things that make it break sometimes is the encoding of the files, usually they are UTF-8 but some operating systems might have other formats, which would be incompatible, but the account softwares don't report this.


I have update some scripts, can you please try again