Legacy site is no longer available


Since the current website was launched a couple of years ago, we said that we would keep the legacy site running, but with no further development or bug fixes.

After so many years of a working legacy site, it has now come to the end of it's life.

New browsers introduced a series of changes to improve security which makes the legacy site no longer secure and no longer functional.

To bring the legacy site back to live, it would require some efford and development time, which costs money.

Since we do not charge for this service, this will be the end of the legacy site.

We will keep the current site running until further notice and will try to fix any issues with converted files.

If you have a CSV that used to work on the legacy site and no longer works, you can upen an issue and upload the file, so it can be debugged https://csvconverter.biz/project/issues

The files are only visible for the person who uploaded and the site admins.


Site upgrade


Dear users

This week we reached the highest peak of users browsing the site to convert CSV files. This pushed the servers a bit harder than usual and we had to upgrade it.