What Accounting/Financial software do you use?

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What Accounting/Financial software do you use?

We would like to know that tool you use to control your finances. Some of the big names are:

  • Microsoft Money
  • SAGE
  • GNU Cash
  • QuickBooks
  • Quicken
  • FinanceWorks

What is yours?

mike deam

Xero - www.xero.com

which generally has its own bank feed except my bank (cash trust from a broker) only allows a spreadsheet format which I then save as CSV prior to running a conversion.

Other accounts I have are in foreign currency and only supply paper data so its easy enough to put into direct Xero format.

Xero requires one currency column - amounts are going out and + amounts are deposits 





bradford newling

MYOB (based in Australia) however I is pushing into the US market. 

For amex and diners transactions, they are paid into the bank net of merchant fee.  On the bank statement the gross settlement is included on the line part of the general narration.  I need to extract this value from the feed so when uploaded for reconciling, both the gross and net settled amounts are visible.


Do you suggest simply to reformat the csv file and convert a cleansed csv?

Jat Jaswal

SAGE300 ERP - but OFX file did not load.  Missing Account Information (Transit Number and Account Number)


MoneyDance 2015


sage 50

Steve Kelem


Nikolaus Hammerl


Paolo Paracchini Paolo Paracchini's picture

MoneyDance 2015

W hillman


Tetra hybrid

using the website waveapps.com


GNU Cash


YNAB (more budgetting than accounting, but I import bank statements for later reconciliation).

Jeffrey Tate

still using Microsoft Money Deluxe Sunset Edition. still going strong.

Philip Wilson

Quicken personal finance 2013

Linda O'Dea Linda O'Dea's picture

Microsoft Money. Can't find anything for the price that works. Tried paid ones that didn't work.

Roger Billiet

Sage One online



Kin Wong


M Barrett


Karl Hess


Robert Frommer

Quicken Deluxe 2001

Ray T

In AUS - was using ANZ Money Manager but they are closing it down end of July so moving to Pocketbook. Only downside of PB is it doesn't connect to one of my institutions.


Microsoft Money Sunset Edition. It's the last thing keeping me from moving entirely over to OSX. I tried all the high rated Mac PFM software - nothing comes close.


I use Manager

Peter Ensner

Microsoft Money in german

Han Delissen


Dinand Hart


Dinand Hart


Marc Kotze

I've just started using Waveapps (a great, free online package), but I haven't managed to get it right to import the bank statement yet: says "successsful", but no transactions to show for it! ...


Microsoft Accounting Express 2008

Adam 012

Quicken 2017 for MAC

Yogi Jogi

Quicken 2018

Ram Burr
  • Quicken
Bud Carlson

Quicken 2003


Microsoft Money 2005 UK


I'm transitioning from QuickBooks Pro, which I've used for 15 years, but the constant updates, the drop of support, the pushing for products I don't need and the push to go to the far more expensive online version.  Just can't take it any more.  I'm moving over to GnuCash.  One bank has ofx direct connect so I think I'll be able to set that one up in GnuCash, my local personal bank just has CSV and Webconnect QBO files, so I just used this converter and it worked perfectly. Thank you!

Andrés Vigneau

Hi. I'm from Brazil.

Here I use the program Unico Contabil and this site help me so much to convert the files to OFX format.


mc shop


Jet Jockey

Microsoft Money

Steve Miller

@!#$  Quicken

Steve Miller

Quicken Subscription

Robert Hewison

MYOB in NZ - only takes QIF files so I easily convert from CSV to QIF for doing the work :)

Martin Farrimond

MSMoney - 2004(!!).

Great app since CALC2QIF for Libre Office Calc stopped working. Good work, thanks.


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