Amounts all come out $0.00 in OFX

Issue summary: 

For last nmonth or so, my OFX files from my credit card imports come out fine except that all Amount values read $0.00.  The look fine in the mapping screen window, but all values go to 0 on export.

This was working correctly before that, I think.

I thought I had found your tool to replace the OFX exports that my Credit Card  company no longer supports.  Sigh...

CSV file is attached so you can use to debug.  Thanks.

Gary Englander
Wed, 09/26/2018 - 03:23
Sat, 10/13/2018 - 00:35


Hi also happens on QIF exports too

Hello, I think the problem is with the mapping of the fields.

The automapper is detecting the word Price in one of the rows and assuming that that row is for price, but it is in fact the Description.

I have changed the mapping and it seems to have worked.

I have attached the resulting QIF file and the screenshot with the map.

If you edit this issue you will see these files.


Thanks, but I don't see why the Automapper is even involved when I tried so hard to set each field in the preview window.  I should have noted that my tries had applied this mapping to the 4 columns:

  "Date MM/DD/YYYY",  "Amount",   "Payee/Description", and "Type".

Type might be wrong setting for col 4 as the field contents in the CSV are "sale"  payment" or "interest charged"

I was hoping that with the "This is a credit card" checkbox and the export as OFX would come out with usable updaters for my MS Money, but saw somewhere in another article that you might be expecting to see either a D or C in the type field.  Could that be causing the problem?  Is there a better mapping choiuce available where I can get this tool to accomplish the desired processing?

Thanks for looking at it!

The store name of "Price Chopper" in the Payee field shouldn't change the deliberate mapping, should it?

I am not too sure we are on the same page.

So, to clarify. When you map a column as Type, it detects it the values are C or D for credit and debit respectively. All this does is to make the Amount positive or negative number.

With regards to the credit card check box, it inverts the signal in the Amount.

I have re-exported your CSV as OFX, see the attachments on this issue.