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Thanks so much for this tool. It's the best one I've found so far for converting csv files to OFX and QFX. Really quick and easy with a great user interface.

One tip for other users - if your institution provides csv files with a currency symbol (eg '£' or '$'), you'll need to 'find' and 'replace' it with a blank space in order for the tool to recognise the figures as numbers.

Coop Banking Business do not make life easy if you use Money. It took a while to get the software running, but I can now convert my bank downloads without too many errors to .QIF. Saves me a lot of time.

I have failed to use the application on your site succesfully. When I try to import the QIF file into Money, I get an error and no transactions are imported.

I also have a question regarding the securityof your program. Are there any advantages (being an online application) against desktop applications like iCreateOFX (www.icreateofx.com) in terms of the security of our data?

I hoped this was going to be a lifesaver for me, since my bank only offers CSV, which most budgeting tools don't accept. But I'm having one kind of major problem - it's not processing negative numbers. All my transactions, whether positive or negative, come out as positive in the QIF. Advice?

Fantastic. There has long been a need for this and the only plugin I've found for Excel has lots of issues. This was a great help for me to get 1000's of transactions from Paypal to Quicken (Paypal's export to QIF appears to be dysfunctional). Kudos+++

Very useful.

I had to do a little manual editing of my csvs, because my bank adds a comma separator for thousands (of mexican pesos, it's not like a have a lot of money). So those had to be manually removed. Also, my bank exports dates as "May" which is good and your system does get it, but "Abr" for Abril (Spanish for April) which I had to change.

However, after those edits, OFX output was spot on, and clearcheckbook.com imported it flawlessly. So thank you for all your hard work on this tool. It's awesome.

I posted a long comment in "issues" bc I had some workarounds to share, but just to leave feedback in it's proper place here's my general experience (and you can get details in my other comment, same date)

After looking around a bit I chose csvconverter as one of the steps in getting my MSMoney transactions, account by account, from my PC to my Quicken Essential for Mac program, which doesn't support QIF files.

After some playing around I learned ***what to do with my CSV file*** - this is key, people! - so it mapped well in the converter.

Once that happened I was able to use another software (QIF@QFX, unrelated to this site) to convert the new QIF to a QFX and import to Quicken.

The transactions look beautiful in Quicken, have just lost some parts of some memo fields. (There were so many steps along the way, the loss could be from many other programs, not necessarily csv converter.)

Finding this site was very helpful. I have 7 years back tax returns to prepare for a friend. I was thinking I have to manually enter these transactions, or track a hodgepodge of transactions in excel and the others in quicken - pain in the *** :-)

Next I am going to try to get my paper PDF statements scanned and converted into a csv, then convert to QIF using this site! THat would be awesome! (Here's instructions for the curious http://www.ehow.com/print/how_12109720_convert-pdf-ofx.html)

CSV is the "universal language" that allows these other formats to talk to each other - so I'm very glad someone took the time to create a good csv conversion tool. Thanks!

Hi J

Thanks for sharing, I am sure other people will benefit.
I am planning to add some documentation and some videos explaining how to use the mappings efficiently but time is been an issue...

Also would it be possible to have it remember your map settings - perhaps as a paid offering.

We are working on a new version of CSV Converter, which will allow users to save different mappings, store the user's country code and more...
We will keep you informed.

Hi Great tool. would appreciate the country to be included in the mapped profile as I have to keep selecting this.

Thank you so much for this service. I saves me so much time.


This tool is so awesome. My bank made a change to their website a year ago and the download function stopped working. I can't believe I can upload this information into money again! Thank you!!!!

Thanks ever so much for saving my day (more like weeks and weeks!)
One thing I would need would to be able to see the COMPLETE file name in the "enter filename" dialogue. The truncated version is problematic and there is plenty of space for it, so maybe easily "fixed"?

Also could you make download automatic when user clicks on "output type" button? (The "do you want to save mapping" dialogue could occur only at the beginning and should not be seen at all when user has already selected a saved mapping)

Hi, thanks for the suggestions. Noted.
Regarding the "enter filename" dialogue, can you please send me screenshots. You can create an issue in http://www.csvconverter.biz/project/issues and attach the image of the original filename and the truncated.

This converter has worked fine, and I like that you get to map your CSV file to the QIF format.
I am of course assuming, that as I have provided a donation, that I will be able to access this service over the next handful of months.
It would be great if it was confirmed - prior to donating, that a donation would permit continued access to this converter.
Also , for the major English speaking countries, of America and Australia, and also for Europe, it would be great if a monetry converter was available on the Donate button.
Thank you for providing this useful tool.

Donations do not work as subscriptions. The tool works the same way to everyone. Of course donations are important to keep development and bug fixes going.

It worked beautifully and I have sent you a donation via Paypal.
My only problem was that the direct download didn't work, but I only tried it once as the file by email option worked perfectly.

Very happy with your tool and does its job. Some suggestion for improvement.
1. Allow multiple files as input to save time as long as mapping is the same.
2. Too many steps, ask all your inputs in first two screens and then give results.

New user, this is great, very comprehensive, but straightforward. I do like the ability to save the mapping - a great time saver.

This program does the job.  I had to do some converting from pdf bank statements on my own and then to csv & wallah.   bank stops 1/2 of 2018 activity prematurally & my windows 10 totall crashed.  so had to use pdf stmts.  I'll try with better quality csv next time when necessary.  Maybe if I do it right I can get more lines to process in one conversion batch. 

Yes this is very useful!  although I am getting some error messages about the formatting of my bank CSV files, it works well when opening the new OFX with MS Money.  Thank you!

Hi Guys,

Thank you so much for this very usful app!

My banque didn't want me to have a ofx files from our business account.

Because of your help i can do it my self from a PDF=>XLS=>CSV=>OFX.

Thank you so much for that...

I was wondering is there anyway we can get a count of the transactions converted from a CSV to QIF. I am always need to check if the same number of transactions are imported into MYOB as the original CSV file and when they dont match it's a bit of a mission to see which transaction was missed. Many thanks


Please open an issue with suggestions for improvements

Greetings from sunny South Africa :-)

Phew! After a LOT of manipulation of the source TXT file into an acceptable csv format, your application successfully converted to a QIF format acceptable as import to an accounting application being evaluated.


I am able to download correct format (QIF) from my bank but if wanting to import historical date using previous statement downloads (txt format NOT CSV withrequiring manipulation before using converter tool) then will need to spend quite some time pre-processing.  Not sure if is something I will do...

Also unsure if application being tested will work as a replacemnt for existing program but at least I now know that IF I move forward then a tool exists to make historical data imports possible.

Thanks for making available.

Best regards



TXT is a very loose format, the best way is to copy & paste into Excel, format the columns and save as CSV

It works for me. Thank you so much.

When I import my QIF file the date does not appear and when I post the transaction it uses the current date.

I'm using Quicken 2014

We can look into the problem if you create a bug issue and attach the csv file

Thank you - this looks just what I needed - I will continue to donate each time I use, well done Barb. 


I worked very well!!! I am glad I found this Program. Thank You!!!

I wanted to say thanks. I have been using the website for a while since I found issues importing data to Money and over the years I have worked out fixes and adjustments I need to make to get things to import correctly. Hopefully this site keeps going and I have made a small donation to help as I really appreciate what you do to keep this site going. It's not much, but with the current tightening on funds, I thought I needed to say thank you with something considering it seems you've been running this for over a decade now.

I'm sure at some point we will need to find a new software to replace Money, but until that day, I will keep finding work arounds as I have been using it since I was a teenager and love the reports and record keeping it allows.

After two attempts, the last one with strict formatting the conversion worked perfectly.  Great tool.

WOW!  Awesome!  Nice job: clear, understandable, mature.

Great tool, surprisingly ez to use. Nice and simple, logical. I used it for converting credit card transactions to MSMoney which I've used for years. I will donate to show appreciation.TY and HNY!

Thank you for this converter!!  I had a few issues but got it to work, and after trying other converters that did not work at all.  Thank you for keeping this site going! 

At the third attempt I managed to get it working smoothly and it will save some time.  None of the stutters were due to this tool.  My learning (in case it helps others) was:

  1. Microsoft Money 'matches' downloaded transactions (in case they're duplicates).  Until I discovered and disabled this there appeared to be a number of missing transactions as they're held in a separate 'unaccepted' view.
  2. I just used the default settings for both the csv and the convertor and it worked well, though it's important to check the 'Credit Card' box before 'Convert' or the charges will all appear as credits
  3. I still have to check against the statement as the import doesn't recognise real credits (they're all entered as charges.  This isn't a big enough problem that I've looked into it yet.  Probably the csv format or mapping.
  4. The amount of time it saves is reduced as somewhat tediously I have to go through and amend the payee names to those I've historically used as well as adding categories.  I'll update if I find any shortcuts.

Thanks for your feedback, Peter.





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