Error: The CSV file could not be openned

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The error message "The CSV file could not be openned. Please report" appears on step one, as soon as I choose the CSV file from my computer.


Thu, 07/09/2015 - 02:43
Thu, 09/17/2015 - 01:40


It seems that the converter cannot understand some formats of CSV. This is due to many reasons, for example the encoding and line endings are different depending on which operating system and which software was used to generate the CSV file.

Please try the following:

1. Open the CSV file in Excel

2. Make sure that all columns are displayed correctly

3. Re-save the CSV

4. Try to import again

Me too. I browse for and upload the csv file, press Next...
and then I get the File could not be openned error message
(also No file selected... appears next to the Browse button)
Tried several times but same problem.

Have you tried to re-save the CSV file in Excel as described above?

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I converted a CSV file yesterday just fine. I'm trying to convert another file today and I've receved the error message: "The CVS file could not be opened. Please report". I have open and re-saved the CVS file mutiple times, re-saved as an excel file, then back to CSV, still nothing works. Please help ASAP.

I am having this issue ! I had 3 csv files, all from one source, first and second converted fine, third one threw up an error. I deleted second file by mistake, so went back on to convert again and even that's throwing up the error now, despite converting fine yesterday. Am desperate for these files - please help!! 

I can look into the CSV files if you create an Issue & Bug and attach the CSV there