Having trouble converting your CSV?

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Having trouble converting your CSV?

The main reason for entries not converted are related to inconsistent CSV format. i.e. some values may contain double quotes while other values do not have any quotes.

To fix this, you need to follow this article https://csvconverter.biz/blog/how-fix-csv-file-not-being-converted and re-export the CSV using quotes for all fields

If this doesn't work you can Report it by creating a new bug/issue on https://csvconverter.biz/project/issues. Don't forget to attach a copy of your CSV for investigation


I'm just setting up a gnuCash for my personal finances, and my bank only exports CSVs.

I'm not entirely sure what each field means in the drop-down list provided for matching with columns in the import CSV file, and there isn't any documentation to this effect on the website.

Mind providing some descriptions of what each means / what technical limitations it has, etc.?


To map your banking statements, you will use mainly:


Date - Depending on your location and system configuration i.e. US (Monty/Day/Year), UK (Day/Month/Year)
Num - Transaction number Category - Type of transaction i.e. Deposit, Withdraw, etc
Payee - i.e. Supermarket X, ATM, etc
Memo - Anything you like
Value - The amount of the transaction. Use Value(-) for debits
Splitter - Used to split your CSV into multiple QIFs.


If you download a CSV with all your bank accounts, you can use Splitter for the Account Number and then import the QIFs into each individual account


Here are some links for GnuCash explanation on how to import QIF files: 






Nick Baker

Hi admin, 

It appears as though 2/3 of those links are now dead.

Your above explanation of the mapping fields is exactly what I was looking for. It may be helpful (especially to n00bs) if that information was in the FAQs. 

Additionally if you could explain how the custom mapping fields can be used that would be great. 

I am a pretty smart guy, but not much of a coder, and haven’t been able to find any good clear information on what is in a .OFX and how it is interpreted, therefore taking my .CSV (from PayPal) and converting it to .OFX (which can be used by my QuickBooks Online) with your tool has largely been a process of trial and error before I found your explanation in #15, and I am still in the dark about how to properly use the custom fields. As I said, explanations of .OFX for laymen are sorely lacking.


Henry Tan

Hi Admin,

I download the excel file from the bank, opened it and saved it as a CSV file. When I convert it with your csv converter, a csv record is split into two with the second record having its 1st field starting at the second line wrap text of the csv file. I clicked on the excel file wrap text to remove the feature and save again as a CSV file and convert again. I get the same record split into two. Some how the wrap text feature has an embedded separator that your convertor recognise as the start of a another record. Could you kindly help?


Mike Noll

I converted my bank CSV file to OFX and attempted to upload file to QuickBooks Online. Received the following message.

"The uploaded file isn't a valid Web Connect file."

1.  There didn't appear to be a map for the bank account number in the CSV file; so I ignored that

2.  Everything else in the CSV file seemed to have a mapping field

Where did I go wrong?


I don't have access to Quickbooks, would be helpful if you could send me an example of CSV file that can be imported without errors so that I can compare.

Does Quickbooks export CSV files?

R Kwon

I'm having the same issue with the CSV=>OFX file conversion.  This was not an issue prior to the latest version of Quickbooks Online (QBO).  And, no, QBO exports to Excel 97-2004 Workbook (*.xls) format, for their financial reports and client/vendor lists.  Can you work on this?  This is the 2nd CSV converter program that I have used to resolve this issue and I am getting the same error from QBO, "The uploaded file isn't a valid Web Connect file".

Theo Richel



I try to import a CSV-file from the Dutch Ing bank and it contains 1 column for the amount involved and 1 column that says whether that amount is debet or credit. Your converter however requires a column for debet and one for credit. Is there a solution for this?

Many thanks


Theo Richel

Ned Carlson

I have the same error with QuickBooks Online, when uploading a QBO file, "The uploaded file isn't a valid Web Connect file."
No other explanation givenQBO doies not export csv files


Hi! I'm trying to import a file of investment transactions, so I need to preserve the columns labeled "Unit Price", "Number of Units", and "Unit Balance" - for the various funds. But the mapping option limits me to only the kind of columns that are relevant to a standard bank account. Is there any way i can create custom mappings, or somehow preserve this kind of investment-transaction info? Thanks!



Hi, I'm not sure how to do the following. In my Quicken, my AmEx appears as one transaction with split categorized cells for each of the charges. How do I import a csv file that would appear as one transaction with split cells? Thanks for any help.

Lynn ldb10sne1 Lynn ldb10sne1's picture

The first time I used the convert to bring into my Money program, I was able to select the account into which the data applied i.e. Savings. Now when I want to a conversion into my checking account, I don't get the choice anymore, it imports the conversion into the savings account.
Also, when I download the CSV file from my bank I have to go into the file with excel and delete the unwanted blank columns so the only 3 columns I want to actually import will convert correctly using the converter.

Lynn ldb10sne1 Lynn ldb10sne1's picture

I login to the website to convert a CSV file. I browse and select the file I want to convert. When I press NEXT, I get the error message: The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later. This is the fourth day in a row I've been getting this message. Thanks, Don I need to do bank reconcillations at the end of the month, however, first I need to download the information. Thanks


Fixed, thanks


Since the new version it seems payee field is truncated to 33 characters in the QIF conversion. The full payee name appears during column selection, so it seems it's during the conversion the issue occurs.


There are 2 types of QIF (Loose and Strict). The first one have longer names and descriptions but causes errors while importing in MS Money. The second one has shorter names and descriptions but is compatible with all accounting tools.

Waldir Claro

I have use this CSV file:
Data Memo Valor
12/jan INT PAG TIT BANCO 033 -1.198,49
12/jan INT PAG TIT 109529407963 -629,25
12/jan INT COMGAS 73900115 -20,73
12/jan SAQUE S/C 000307 10/01 -190
12/jan TAXA CUSTODIA REF. 12/14 -13,8
12/jan TBI 5306.11280-5/500 3.000,00
The converted file resulted as below:









When I have tried to import in Money99 I could not.
Any error from my side?


Hi Waldir
The date format is incorrect. The year is missing.
You need to make sure the date format has the year and the format should be using only numbers, not month i.e. jan
You can pre-edit your CSV file in excel and format the date column to be
12/01/2015 for example.
Then save the CSV and try again.

Diego Marin


I was successfully using the old version and can't get what I want with the new one ...

1. My map file used to be "Ignore,Ignore,Ignore,Ignore,Memo,Ignore,Ignore,Ignore,Ignore,Ignore,Debit,Credit,Date MM/DD/YYYY,Ignore,Ignore,Ignore,Ignore
,,,", how do I do this with the new UI ?

2. On step 2, I only get dropdown menus more or less over the two first columns (see this : http://goo.gl/bWZYWM), how am I supposed to map the other columns ?


3. On step 2, I only get the 20 first lines of my files.Is this a limitation ?


Can you please send me the first 5 lines of your CSV file?
Re 20 first lines: Only the first 20 lines are displayed during the mapping process. When you convert the file, all lines will be processed

Diego Marin

Sorry for the delay, I was expecting an email telling me you answered ;-))

Looks like everything's working now about mapping all fields and exporting all lines of file, thx.

My problem now is about mappings : I try to save my default map (very simple : "Ignore,Ignore,Ignore,Ignore,Memo,Ignore,Ignore,Ignore,Ignore,Ignore,Debit,Credit,Date MM/DD/YYYY,Ignore,Ignore,Ignore,Ignore" and when I try to recall it, I get a popup "This map is corrupted".

How can I send you a CSV sample ?




You don't have to manually edit the map. On Step 4 you just give it a name and the map will be saved for next time.

Nay Ros

Im stuck... I used the converter but when I open MYOB and Import the data it doesnt read it. I dont understand it well enough to know what Im doing incorrectly. Please help ASAP! I have 12 mths worth to do and only 2 days to do it...


I am contacting you in a private message, I will need a small sample CSV. You can remove the sensitive data.

m. bryan

when i convert a csv file, size 32.7 kb, the resulting qif file is only 11 bytes when opened with quicken.


My guess is that you didn't map any column. Can you please send me one of two lines of the CSV file and explain how you mapped it?
Please change any sensitive data

john Montgomery

I have just done my first conversions and it all looks great except for an issue with the date format.
My CSV file of transactions downloaded from PayPal has the date format DD/MM/YY. My Quicken Version 8 imports the date as DD/MM/YY, however during the conversion the date is changed to DD/MM/YYYY which then drops off the last 2 year digits on import so that all transactions for all recent years end up as DD/MM/20.
How can I work around this?
Thank You.


Are you saying that Quicken 8 doesn't understand 2015 as a valid year and it chops it?

Mike Orr

I am trying to convert a CSV file and the tool does not seem to be able to do it correctly. I have narrowed the file to two lines, and it is still no go. I am copy-pasting the 2 lines here:

UNITED TATES",756928562987444000

if you put these into a CSV file and try to convert, you get weird results - a cell in the 1st line becomes duplicated, the lines are assumed to be of different lengths, stings are cut into different cells, etc.


There was a problem with encoding, which was fixed today, please try again and let me know if there is still a problem


Why Payee/Description is being truncated?

A text like "Sold BAK MP-11 and External Battery 300Ma1918,41 - Angelo Villarrica-PY" looks like this: "Sold BAK Battery MP-11 and Exte"

I need all the letters, what's going on ????



Some accounting softwares don't accept long texts, I am thinking to add an option for the user to choose how long the texts can be depending on the accounting software, feel free to open an issue for this on http://www.csvconverter.biz/project/issues


There is a coding problem ???

My words on Payee/Description like "Alimentação" are getting so: "AlimentaçÃo"

What's the problem ???
What is the solution ???


I tested various online alternatives and installed several software and all were either paid or not work well.

The conversion is so simple that I ma was encouraged to write a VBA code to it and I spent less than an hour to write this code! The good thing is I can change it to my needs.

The code works great and is available for whatever you want!



It is a known problem with the encoding of characters, specially for characters with accents. I have managed to fix most of it, but still not 100%. Please try again and let me know if there is still problems with encoding


I tested various online alternatives and installed several software and all were either paid or not work well.

The conversion is so simple that I ma was encouraged to write a VBA code to it. The good thing is I can change it to my needs.

The code works great and is available for whatever you want!



trying to convert simple 4 column csv file, to no avail. Can you help.


Can you give me more details? What part is not working?


Hi I can't covert my cvs file, Ive been trying all day, but i just received this message:The CSV file could not be openned. Please report.


I'm using MS Money sunset edition. After I download my financial data in csv, convert it using the online converter, and import the ofx file, some entries are not appearing. Its usually entries from the same payee on the same date. Anybody else have this issue?


I have opened an issue here http://www.csvconverter.biz/project/issues/4620 and will investigate


Fixed, please try again.


hello, I try to convert a csv file to QIF. Each time I get only the following in my QIF file: !Type:Bank
Please help. Thanks


Ok, let me see if I can help, can you describe all the steps you are doing until you get the error.
How are you mapping your CSV?
Can you send me one or two lines from your CSV, so that I can see if there is anything wrong with the structure?

Joe Rodrigo

For some reason the CSV file that I am try to covert does not work. It say unable to open? This worked for me before and wondering why I am experiencing this problem. Could be that I am using explorer?


Are you still having problems?


Attached cr.csv file when converted to qif file results in empty file (see attached zip file). file works fine when using legacy converter. thanks.


It looks like some strange characters are on the date field, see http://screenshot.net/lyoqqbj


Every download is failing due to "access denied invalid username / password"... I have also tried to email route, and nothing has been sent.

Is the service currently down?


Are you still having problems downloading?