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Was it useful for you?

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Edith Irwin

Worked for me in OFX format, but not QIF.

But that's fine, since now I have a way. OFX works with Moneydance. USAA quit QIF format a couple of weeks ago; their CSV format doesn't work well at all with Moneydance without lots of editing; not worth the trouble.

I, also, have pending transactions with quotes around them, so I edit out the quotes and all is well.

So happy to have found this, because I've been grumbling to USAA to no effect.


Very useful indeed for inputting into GnuCash for our society accounts.

Many thanks!


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Hi . . . I thought I'd pop-in and give you a status.  The CSV to OFX did not work for me.  Unfortunately, I can only use those to input new bank accounts; at least according to what my Quicken says. 

The conversion input went fine, though I cannot really "see" what it output in OFX format.  Notepad is worthless.  The icon did not come up as a Quicken input icon, so I had to associate the file with the app'.  But, that is okay, but already, not worth paying for.  So, I associate the file with the Quicken app' (Quicken Window) and press enter and Quicken thinks I want to setup a new account.  Well, no . . . I want to add transactions to the backend of what I have.  So, there, we end it.  No account selection list, no nothing.

Well, anyway, so there our test ended.  Keep going and please let me know when you are ready to try again.  Thanks!


This tool is amazing - just what I have been looking for. Thanks a ton..

Raj Grover

Works well for converting DBS Singapore accounts for use in YNAB.


I'm using this tool to convert PayPal transactions to qif for import into MoneyWorks (Mac).

So far, no good because the PayPal file is a mix of currencies and contains multiple columns for gross, fees, net, shipping, balance etc. There are no separate debit and credit fields, just a net amount.

Its not all bad news yet. Paypal seems to have dozens of file formats and filters so presumably I can find one which eliminates the currency conversions and give me just the final values I need before the cvs conversion.


I advise you to use Excel to clean up your CSV before importing.
You could, for example create an amount column with a formula that will add all fees into this column, which you will map as Amount. Also, you if you only had Gross and Fee, you could map Gross as Credit and Fee as Debit. The converter would work out the final Amount.
Re different currencies, I think Paypal can give you a CSV for a specific one, or you could use Excel again to convert that.


This is an excellent tool. I can able to fix the mismatch in the bank feed of QB Online using this tool. Thanks for the wonderful tool.

Kin Wong

Excellent tool - saves me time from having to re-enter and verifying that I have not missed any or mis-typed any. Many thanks.

Fer Oj

I have been looking for something like this for years... there was a good one, an excel add-in xls2qif that was not updated for new versions and nothing more.
You deserve the donation. Thanks!


Thanks for your donation, it will help us keep improving it.

Adam 012

You ROCK! I have been looking for a way to convert csv to OFX for my bank and this is it! I now have been able to enter all of my transactions into Quicken 2017(MAC) where I was looking at having to do a manual enter! Thank you & keep up the great work! :)

Craig Lambie

This is a great tool, thanks. Honestly I was surprised there wasn't a good Excel VBA code to do this, and I went hunting after doing 80% of the transactions that I needed to do with your tool. I couldn't find anything, however I found the old one, mentioned above, and have re-written it to work at a basic level, will blog about it on my blog craig.lambie.net.au
Thanks for making this tool work for us. I wonder how many donations you get?
I have an idea to make sites like this pay for coders like you (and me)... what if we users paid a subscription fee, and every time we use your tool, you get a share of our subscription fee... I think of it as Netflix for the Free Web!
Love to know your thoughts.


Unfortunately not many donations. Because of lack of funds, this project cannot have substantial improvements that it requires. It seems like people are very happy to use it but not too keen on donating.


It said my document converted from csv to qif but everytime I tried the qif files were blank.


Make sure you mapped the fields correctly on Step 2. If you still have problems, you can open an issue http://csvconverter.biz/project/issues and upload a bit of your CSV file, so we can debug it

Ellen Schwartz

Thank you so much for this program. I only used it once but it easily handled 3 months of transactions once I cleaned up the csv file. I have used MS Money for over 15 years and do not want to have to switch yet some credit card companies will no longer support OFX format download of transactions which has been a real pain until I found you.


Re-exporting in Excel will help to clean and normalize CSVs http://csvconverter.biz/blog/how-fix-csv-file-not-being-converted

Fransua Dus

Thank you so much for your work. It helps me so much. I have been using MS Money for more than 10 years and my bank recently stopped proposing dowlnoad of OFX files. Since then I have succesfully been using this converter. Works perfect for me and saved me so much time!


I think it worked. Except it created a file for each category. What did I do wrong? 


When you map a column as "Account/Splitter" it creates a separate QIF/OFX file for each account.

This is useful when you have a bank statement with all your accounts but want to import them individually i.e.

  • cash
  • credit card
  • savings
Damaris Gonzalez

I keep getting this error message

  • The specified file temporary://transactions_081018_7.csv could not be moved, because the destination is invalid. More information is available in the system log.
  • Error moving file
Nick Norton

I'm getting an 'Error moving file' message although this worked fine for me a month ago. Full message says

  • The specified file temporary://transactions-20180629-20180728_10.csv could not be moved, because the destination is invalid. More information is available in the system log.

As I say it worked well a month ago, any advice as to what has changed?

Cristiano Santana

Hello. Two days I'm having problems converting files. When you upload the .csv file, you receive an error message: "The specified file temporary: //compras_alex_0.csv could not be moved, because the destination is invalid. More information is available in the system log. Error moving file "

Bud Carlson

This has been extremely useful to me, over several years.  For some reason QBX does not work with my Quicken 2003 program, although it did with at least one financial institution a couple years ago.  But now, it doesn't work whether it's Chase, Amex or a couple different banks.  This has SAVED me.  I have donated in the past, but I'm wondering if you ever plan to sell this as a complete downloadable program


Click on 'Bugs & Issues', create a new issue and attach your CSV to allow us to debug it

Marc Rothman

The QIF file does not import.  I tried to download transactions for a retirement account.  The screen goes blank and then comes up in Quicken and no activity is added to the account. :(


Click on 'Bugs & Issues', create a new issue and attach your CSV to allow us to debug it


PC User Started using today works great converting CSV to Money Version 5.0 ! My problem has been since I cut off MS Office and commited to Google Drive just could not work around the limitations. However how  can ensure that this site and process is secure. Mixed messages on searching. Seems too good to be true as I can only see some revenue comming from ads .. happy to donate if I can have this confirmed Thanks Tim 


Hi Tim

The CSV converter was created to suit a need that I had to convert CSV files to QIF, and I decided to make it public to help others.

You are right, the only income is form ads and donations. That money is only used to cover webserver costs.

There isn't enough money to fix all bugs and feature requests. From time to time I spend a bit of my own time to do some development, but I have my real life and real work, so this is limited.

About security: The website has a self-signed SSL certificate that encrypts the data. In order to convert the CSV, you have to upload to the webservers. All files uploaded and generated are deleted on the next day.

Let me know if you have any other question.



Gary Jordan Gary Jordan's picture

Worked great for me to get from QB to Excel to Quicken .qif.  I've used xl2qif in the past but it doesn't

work in latest Excel versions.  Thank so much.


gggg bbbbbb

I cant upload CVS file, it says error, please try later, but nothing happens. Would be great if it was fixed 

Scott Drew

me too try later



Tried converting a CSV from Capital One. In the preview window online, it correctly shows the TRNTYPE as Credit or Debit, but after exporting to OFX, every transaction TRNTYPE shows as OTHER. 

Robert Unger

Third year now I have used this to import transactions I scrape from 3 foreign bank accounts and clean up in Excel to post to Quicken for year end analysis.  It is rather useful to me as I would otherwise have a bit of typing to do.  Thanks for making and keeping it available.  I donate a little, I hope it helps.

Peter James

Just found this - thank you.
Had to fiddle around a bit to get the correct date format, I did a test .qif export from Quicken to check what I needed.
Found it to be convenient to add the categories in Excel before converting the .csv - quicker than editing the transactions later in Quicken. Probably quicker also to add any memo notes in Excel.

Doug Joe

This is a nice converter to QIF. It lets me import bank information quicker than by hand. I have to do trial and error to make sure the importation format is correct. Deleting errors in my accounting program takes longer than making a temporary copy of my file, doing a QIF import, and making sure the debits and credits, etc are correct. I use an orphaned Quicken 2001 on a virtual Windows XP with my Win10. One day I will move to a newer program, like I've said for 2 decades. Thank you.

V C V C's picture

This is great! Have been using this for 2 months for importing my CSV cashflow records into a budgeting app that only accepts QIF or OFX (I mainly use QIF, haven't tried OFX yet). Works every time even when there are only a few records.

For some reason, today I did what I've always done, but it keeps saying that it can't detect the date format. Is it just me or has there been an update to the website that changed how dates are parsed?


The detection of data formats works better when you have many entries on the CSV, so it can compare the dates properly.


Love this! Been using this for a while now to convert to OFX files. I'm still using Microsoft Money :)  Wish you accepted crypto for tips ;) Thanks for the easy to use converter!