The CSV file could not be openned. Please report.

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This file was downloaded from on 12/20/2015.  I then looked at it in Excel 2011 on a mac running El Capitan.  I edited out records that I didn't want, and saved as .cvs . Your program has been a boon in the past.  I hope that you can resolve this issue and/or suggest a workaround for the meantime. Thanks, Julie
Sun, 12/20/2015 - 18:00
Mon, 01/11/2016 - 12:27


I tried importing the .csv file into Excel (rather than simply opening the csv file in excel) and setting the delimiters, etc.  This did not help.  btw, I'm using a current version of Chrome as my browser.
OK, I went to the legacy site and was able to import.
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Project: CSV Converter »
I re-saved the CSV via excell and ticked the option that adds quotes to every field the resultin is something like this "Date","Description","Original Description","Amount","Transaction Type","Category","Account Name","Labels","Notes" "11/30/15","AirBnB","2888       Rental     16454",70,"credit","Rental Short-term","Savings 1611",,   It imported fine