Can't convert properly my debit and credit amounts from

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Hi there ! I can't convert properly my debit and credit amounts from CSV to QIF. They are multuiplied by 100. I've to change every amount : quite boring ! It was perfectly working last time I used your website. it was before you introduce the sign-in procedure. I have Excel 2003 and tried to replace the comma by the decimal point (I'm French) : doesn't work either. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks in advance for your answer :-) RBGG PS : thank you for your website and your temendous work without which I'd be totally stranded...    
Mon, 08/24/2015 - 13:42
Thu, 09/17/2015 - 01:59


Hi, can you please send me a sample of your CSV file and I will debug it
You can edit this Issue and attach the file, the file won't be visible to public

Hi, thanks for your answer. I'll send you my file as soon as I'll find the way to attach it. Can't find out... RBGG
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Title: Hundredfold » Can't convert properly my debit and credit amounts from
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The decimal separator for the exported file must match your computer's decimal separator. For example, if you live in France, the decimal separator for Euros is comma (,) If your accounting tool is not configured to use Euros, you must select a different country from the dropdown on the Step 1, for example United States. Please let me know if that helps