Positive Numbers are -- in my banks's files

Issue summary: 

I have used the previous version of csvconvert for a number of years with no problem with the csv files from USAA.
However, with the new version, empty lines at the end of the file cause a problem that I have to edit each time.  There is no empty line in the fiel I included, as I had already deleted it.
More annoying is that -- is used for a positive number; I have to go through the file and delete all occurrences of --, or they will not be converted to QIF as a +
I can continue to edit my files and use the new version, but just wondered why I need to.  I may go back to the previous version so I don't have to edit my files.


I wonder why your CSV has -- for negative numbers.
See this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negative_number

The laws of arithmetic for negative numbers ensure that the common sense idea of an opposite is reflected in arithmetic. For example, − − 3 = 3 because the opposite of an opposite is the original thing.

I suggest you keep doing the search and replace all the -- to - if you want a negative number.
If you want to use the legacy converter it's ok, but there is no further development or bug fixes for it.