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It's tricky to make the converter understand some encoded text, can you try to convert your CSV file from Japanse to UTF-8? I saw this online tool, let me know if it works http://www.motobit.com/util/charset-codepage-conversion.asp
Ian Ennis
Hi, Sorry to take your time. I am having trouble - I have attended to several parse errors but two keep re-occurring and I cannot figure it out. Many thanks, Ian. Invalid number of items on row 6: 23-Jul-14 Cnc "6 577.89" Invalid number of items on row 11: IF Cans "1 000.00"
It must be some inconsistency between the number of columns in the header and items. If you create a new issue under Bugs & Issues and attach the CSV file I can take a look. Also see this video http://www.csvconverter.biz/blog/how-fix-csv-file-not-being-converted
Roger Perez
I have a similar problem with some numbers being represented as "1 000" and what i did is to copy the excel sheet to a new excel sheet and paste only the values. Then convert the new sheet to csv. Another issue I have is that the converter never recognizes the last line. Why do you think that is? By the way, my bank downloads an excel sheet which i have to convert to csv, but there is no real help on how to do that so that you may avoid format errors in your csv.
The approach of the video using Excel to standardize the CSV to have all fields enclosed by quotes and separated by semi-colon. Then it won't split on commas. Regarding the last line missing, please open a new issue http://www.csvconverter.biz/project/issues
Grace Bitar
Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. Tried several times but only a portion of the information gets transferred. I'll keep reading the blogs and help topics to see where I'm missing before give up completely.
See this tutorial and video http://www.csvconverter.biz/blog/how-fix-csv-file-not-being-converted The approach of the video using Excel to standardize the CSV to have all fields enclosed by quotes and separated by semi-colon.
thayná fernandes
eu não sei para onde estão indo meus arquivos convertidos, não vão para o download e nem para meu email, preciso de ajuda.
Verifique se o email esta correto http://www.csvconverter.biz/user Tambem verifique se nao esta caindo na caixa de spam.
Marc Valley
I am trying to convert a CSV to A qif. It is only 38KB in size, but will only parse 20 records. Any suggestions?
It will parse the first 20 records on the mapping screen, so you can have a preview. When you go to the next steps, it will convert the full file.