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Edith Irwin
Worked for me in OFX format, but not QIF. But that's fine, since now I have a way. OFX works with Moneydance. USAA quit QIF format a couple of weeks ago; their CSV format doesn't work well at all with Moneydance without lots of editing; not worth the trouble. I, also, have pending transactions with quotes around them, so I edit out the quotes and all is well. So happy to have found this, because I've been grumbling to USAA to no effect.
Very useful indeed for inputting into GnuCash for our society accounts. Many thanks! Andy -- ================================================ The Megalithic Portal http://www.megalithic.co.uk 'a wonderful treasure house' - Sam Osman, author of Quicksilver 'absolutely fascinating' - Gillian Hovell, Visiting the Past Book 'excellent site' - Archaeology in Europe ================================================ An independent, non-profit making web site and society Visit our Online Shop to support our work http://www.megalithic.co.uk/shop ================================================
Hi . . . I thought I'd pop-in and give you a status.  The CSV to OFX did not work for me.  Unfortunately, I can only use those to input new bank accounts; at least according to what my Quicken says.  The conversion input went fine, though I cannot really "see" what it output in OFX format.  Notepad is worthless.  The icon did not come up as a Quicken input icon, so I had to associate the file with the app'.  But, that is okay, but already, not worth paying for.  So, I associate the file with the Quicken app' (Quicken Window) and press enter and Quicken thinks I want to setup a new account.  Well, no . . . I want to add transactions to the backend of what I have.  So, there, we end it.  No account selection list, no nothing. Well, anyway, so there our test ended.  Keep going and please let me know when you are ready to try again.  Thanks!
This tool is amazing - just what I have been looking for. Thanks a ton..
Raj Grover
Works well for converting DBS Singapore accounts for use in YNAB.
I'm using this tool to convert PayPal transactions to qif for import into MoneyWorks (Mac). So far, no good because the PayPal file is a mix of currencies and contains multiple columns for gross, fees, net, shipping, balance etc. There are no separate debit and credit fields, just a net amount. Its not all bad news yet. Paypal seems to have dozens of file formats and filters so presumably I can find one which eliminates the currency conversions and give me just the final values I need before the cvs conversion.
I advise you to use Excel to clean up your CSV before importing. You could, for example create an amount column with a formula that will add all fees into this column, which you will map as Amount. Also, you if you only had Gross and Fee, you could map Gross as Credit and Fee as Debit. The converter would work out the final Amount. Re different currencies, I think Paypal can give you a CSV for a specific one, or you could use Excel again to convert that.
This is an excellent tool. I can able to fix the mismatch in the bank feed of QB Online using this tool. Thanks for the wonderful tool.
Kin Wong
Excellent tool - saves me time from having to re-enter and verifying that I have not missed any or mis-typed any. Many thanks.
Fer Oj
I have been looking for something like this for years... there was a good one, an excel add-in xls2qif that was not updated for new versions and nothing more. You deserve the donation. Thanks!
Thanks for your donation, it will help us keep improving it.